Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jdorama ramblings 24/5/11

JIN eps 3-5

Come one Jin sensei, flimsy partitions are meant to be broken down!

We've got the conclusion of the Jin gets framed and sent to Guantanamo.. I mean prison. All the prison stuff is actually the same as the stories in Lone Wolf and Cub which was very fun for me. Sadly, episode 3 marks the writing out of Nokaze from the series which is sad. Jin finally proposes to Saki and she rejects him because he might disappear someday and she wants to devote her life to Jinyu-do. Without Nokaze, the writer has to resort to something else to keep them apart and its not as interesting.

Noooo, how can Nokaze marry a gaijin!!!!!

Ep 5 is more like a discourse about Jin sensei's purpose. In the beginning of the series is was about whether he should interfere with history. Now its about whether anything he does makes a difference because he is starting to think that he cannot change the hand of fate, ie save the lives of people who are supposed to die and is merely delaying their time of death. There's this father sun kabuki story arguing that quality of life is more important than length but this episode just really feels contrived and boring.

Will Ryoma save the series?

Is Jin the series finally losing its way? What is the heart of the series? Its no longer the Nokaze-Jin-Saki triangle. It feels like its less about Jin trying to be MacGuyer of surgeons. Perhaps that part of the series has run its course? Ep 5 just feels like a lame generic made for tv sob story. It seems like episode 6 will get back to the story that we have all been waiting for; can Jin actually save Sakamoto Ryoma. And who is the bandaged guy talking to? Seems to me like ep 5 is a mere abberation.


After watching Shinya Shokudo, bartender feels 25 minutes too long. I've heard that the anime is pretty good and to me this type of stories should have a running time of 25 minutes. At 45~50 minutes, the first episode took too long and had to rely on too much fillers.


WTF GTO would never carry a handbag!

When your dorama about a fatal disease kid has a lot of narration by the character who's only purpose is to make all the ladies go kawaii~~~~ then you know you're in for a shallow attempt at a tearjerker which actually works well as a sleep inducer. Come GTO, get Nojima Shinji or Ozaki Masaya to write you a dorama to star in or do a WOWOW dorama.


Aaww, how cute... not.

I like Abe Sadao and I want to see what else he can do but not a bloody kids show. Actually I don't mind the whole I am going to ruin my life taking responsibility for my high school sempai's kids because I can never understand the huge importance Japanese place on high school sports when one can continue to play sports even when working. If you like team camaraderie so much, why not continue playing?

Kids, I was much cooler when I had blonde hair and was always drunk or half sedated.

Its got the little girl from Mother but this show tries so bloody hard to be kawaii it sickens me. The talking dog is not Shikaotoko funny. Its bloody kids show funny. Someone explain to me why a kids show has a 9pm slot. Shouldn't they be in bed by then?


Jesus Christ Supercop said...

I kind of lost interest in JIN 2 after the third episode, but I'll probably continue at some point. They should focus more on the time travel. If there's one thing I don't like about the show, it's the banal and redundant filler known as Jin's internal monologues. It's a classic case of telling instead of showing, except they're not even telling anything we need to know. Jdrama writers just love internal monologues and narration for some reason, even though in the vast majority of cases they're banal and/or redundant.

I watched Bartender all the way to the end because I love Shihori Kanjiya so much, but it's a very generic show. Nothing about it stands out, except the overblown conversations about the philosophy of making alcoholic drinks and being a bartender. And I don't mean they stand out in a good way.

Akiramike said...

JC, in one paragraph you have pinpointed the heart of Jin 2's problem. I must have been blinded by all the goodwill from season 1.