Sunday, May 22, 2011

Akutou eps 7 aka Why I should be the Japanese minister of common sense.

The more I watch jdoramas, especially police shows, the more it seems like writers/action directors just lack common sense. Lets take a look at this action scene at the end of ep 7 of Akutou.

Scowling yakuza guys wearing black and driving black cars arrive at, where else but an abandoned warehouse!

Cops decide to drive into warehouse but not before magically turning the lights off. Note only 1 cop is smart enough to brandish a gun and use his teammates for cover. From years of watching cop shows, one would think the proper procedure would be to open car doors and use them as shields while telling yakuza to put down their weapons but maybe posing as a team is more important in Japanese police protocol.

Here we see at least two yakuza with guns and a most of them holding melee weapons. Unless my name were Rambo, I would be pretty scared without a gun and cover.

Togashi just walks up, purposely misses 4 shots and non of the dudes with guns fire back! You are a badass yakuza with a gun and some mofo is shooting at you and your run away in terror like a little girl? This just boggles my mind! The only explanation is that Togashi somehow knew the yakuza were carrying toy guns.

Togashi finally corners the boss and the boss as fired on him a few times. Guess what this grizzled veteran police officer does? Walks straight up to the yakuza boss with a kiai...

..while the boss somehow misses his last shot. I was hoping Togashi got shot to teach him a lesson about stupidity. The Prime Minister of Japan must hire me as Minister of common sense in order to avoid such affronts to logic.

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