Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kodama Kiyoshi has passsed away.

That face look familiar? If you are a jdorama fan, you must have seen him at least twice, usually playing the calm old dude role. I was looking at his wiki and I was surprised that he has been in so little doramas in the past 10 years compared to someone like Kita Yoshio who is in everything. From what I can gather from his Japanese wiki, he is most famous for hosting this quiz show called Attack 25 which started in 1975. He did a crazy amount of movies in the 60s though.

While I've only seen Kodama Kiyoshi as a supporting actor, there are two shows that I will always remember him in. The first is Bijo ka Yajuu/Beauty of Beast where he plays this veteran newscaster that Matsushima Nanako wants to oust. His claim to fame is his legendary report on a bank robbery years ago which was finally revealed in a climatic payoff. One of the most memorable side stories in jdoramas I've seen.

His second memorable role was in Shikaotoko and I don't want to spoil the surprise but it was really fun watching him play something different from his usual character. RIP Kodama Kiyoshi and its a shame your last show had to be Code Blue 2. If you haven't seen the above mentioned doramas, I encourage you to do so because they are bloody good.


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Jung said...

that's sad... he's been in many shows, but I too remember him most from his role in Beauty or Beast.

Still too young to pass away. Cause of death is liver disease and stomach cancer

Anonymous said...

I love his character in Bijo ka Yajuu, especially the part where he was stuck in the lift and everyone is panicking. xD The last time I saw him is in Ryomaden, and he was wonderful in it. He knows he doesn't have much time left.


Akiramike said...

Lol, forgot about him not panicking in the stuck life scene.