Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 3 : Yokkaichi!

I`m pretty drunk right now so I`m going to let the pictures do the talking.

Got up in the morning, packed my bags and it was off to Tokyo to catch the shinkansen.

View from Shinkansen.

Had to stop at Nagoya and took a train to Yokkaichi.

View from outside Kintetsu station in Yokkaichi.

Another picture while waiting for bframe5.

Katsudon for lunch, yum.

We went to Nagoya for the Jump shop. Yes, its a store selling all manner of memorabilia of Jump mangas.

Who would have thought after so many years, you could find a brand new awesome quality Slam Dunk poster! The only thing missing from the poster is Haruko chan!

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is an actual pokemon centre in Nagoya. No idea what they actually do to the poor pokemon at this centre though.

Aarr-kun is probably kicking himself for not coming here. No sign of Team Rocket though.

The pokemon `union room`, whatever that means. Is this where little pikachu`s are created?

Picture from Sakae, the main area of Nagoya. Went with bframe to the type of shops that gyarus like to congregrate and I had a good time washing my eyes.

After that we went back to Yokkaichi for dinner at an Okinawan izakaya.

More Okinawan food. Oh yeah, they had two 15 year old girls working at the Izakaya. :) The best thing I had there was the baka umai cha-han.

After that was the highlight of the night and of my trip so far. Went to very nice snack serviced by two beautiful girls. It had karaoke and it was time to use my hiragana training and actually sing some Japanese songs and impress Japanese girls. Got to sing

1) Ohyama Yurika - Sayonara
2) Ozaki Yutaka - Oh My Little Girl (harder to sing than I thought)
3) Zone - Secret Base (one of my favourite songs ever but the speed of the song was actually a bit too fast for my inept furigana reading speed.)
4) Matsuura Aya - Watarasebashi (love this song)
5) and a couple of English songs just to keep things interesting.

Thought about singing Yamazaki Masayoshi`s One more chance, one more time but that song is pretty fast and I`m pretty sure my furigana reading can`t keep up.

Most surprising thing is the girls actually played Ryu ga gotoku! Showed them my pictures of kabukicho. It was pretty awesome to be able to discuss one of my favourite game series ever. Life cannot get better than going to a snack, singing songs and having fun conversations. Apologies for lack of pictures but I will definitely be back and hopefully won`t be too drunk to forget. Truly gave me the feeling of I need to come back and do this again next year, hopefully with much better Japanese. Just being able to finally read and sing Japanese songs was very satifying.

One of the customers was talking about this oppai bar he went to where you play strip games against the girls. You get them all the way and they will put sweets/chocolates in between squeezed boobs (he did the motion for us) or even eat the chocolate off her nipple. Sounds very exciting. We opened a new bottle of sochu and it just cost us 7000 yen for the night each. Next time will be cheaper since we have a bottle.


maiku said...

Sounds like a blast. You should try working there for a year. Never know what it'll lead to...

Care to explain the green and rainbow-colored Okinawan dishes?

Chuks said...

Yokkaichi, Nagoya... I'm from Tokai area so it's nice to hear those words. Have a good time in Japan.

Akiramike said...

The green thing is something like tasteless seaweed grapes. Rainbow is just light reflection on the sauce that gives the dish its taste.

Thanks Chuks. My trip is just getting started.

Rei said...

Sometimes when I sing Yutaki Ozaka, I revert to Aaron Kwok lol.

joe said...

Who is Aaron Kwok?