Sunday, November 06, 2016

Suna no Tou Eps 1~3 : Tonally flat

Suna no Tou is an amalgam of two genres; the suburban houswife everyone has a secret genre ala Saitou-san or Scandal and a suburban serial killer ala Kakogari. Problem for me is that tonally it doesn't work.

The housewife part which represents most of the first three episodes is very generic and uninspired and the serial child killer part is not exciting. There is a lack of the sense of dread. Suna no Tou is like a thriller wannabe dressed in overacting housewife clothes. The target audience might eat this up but I just couldn't help thinking about better shows that I mentioned above.

The one thing to look forward to is Matsushima Nanako's bad guy with her super plastic face and how they are going to explain how she is not actually the killer. Does anyone really think she's playing a bad guy? Her agent is doing a great job with getting her roles where she doesn't have to show much emotions with Suna no Tou and Kaseifu no Mita. I think she's completely lost the ability to frown.

As excited as I am to see Kanno Miho, once again she has chosen to star in generic mainstream crap. I would love to see what she can do in a serious WOWOW show.

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