Thursday, November 03, 2016

Cold Case : Shinjitsu no Tobira Eps 1+2

I can't believe it. Its really happening. Japan has made a cop show without all the usual baggage. No jurisdiction crap. No incompetent police force. No angry bosses with a perpetual scowl. No 19 year old looking actors pretending to be an idealistic newbie who somehow went straight from police academy to detective. No forced aw shucks endings. No trying so hard to be cool or having 20 police officers pull their guns against one suspect.

Just a pure, straightforward police procedural about people who are good at their job. They get their case, search for clues, interview lots of people and reach the truth in the end. The officers have their own stories but they are slowly revealed throughout the course of the investigation without drawing attention away from the main case.

However, the first two episodes didn't really impress me. They were solid and I like Naka Riisa's acting on the second episode but I'm waiting for the OMFG this is so good feeling episode. Actually, the second episode came close. Even if it never comes, I'm very certain Cold Case will at least be a very solid and watchable police show which is more than I can say for most jdorama police shows.


praveen said...

Yeah but may be because it's a remake (of "that" American show), the atmosphere looks less like Japanese shows I've come across. (Not that I am complaining though!).

But my main problem is the number of cop/detective shows that are being aired this season. Sniffer (another remake from an Ukrainian TV show) --got Hiroshi Abe and Kagawa Teruyaki but turned out to be bland,
Career (crap),
IQ246 (you know what you have with a title like that) ---better to re-watch Furuhata.
Even the other shows are not interesting ..Rental Saviour!

iLLy said...

When the 1st episode came out, coincidentally the telly is showing reruns of Cold Case episodes. After a few seconds watching the jap ver, I was like "ah, I've just watched this ep yesterday" and I couldn't continue watching it. And, I felt like it kinda weird using english songs instead of japanese (but perhaps it's just me that feels that way)

Akiramike said...

@iLLy: The English songs do feel weird. I guess this show does feel awkwardly not Japanese.