Sunday, November 13, 2016

If Cats disappeared from the World

I will accept any premise as long as what flows from that premise makes some sort of logical sense. The premise of If Cats disappeared from the World is that Kenshin is going to die and the devil appears before him offering to extend his life in exchange for something.

That exchange turns out to be deleting phones from existence, and then wiping out movies until finally making cats disappear from this world. What the devil meant by wiping this things is that they never ever existed in history. These things that the devil wipes out provides Kenshin with a connection with the important people in his life and changes his relationship with them.

Problem with the premise is that wiping out phones from history not only means Alexander Graham Bell never invented the phone, humanity somehow cannot create this device and history is changed forever. We're talking a world without internet, television, computers and video recorders. Yet somehow Kenshin's world stays the same except for non existence of phones instead of being a completely different world. We've seen many stories about changing one point in history that can make huge changes to the present. The premise of this movie is about erasing things that have been used throughout human history. Its as if Kenshin were living in a time bubble.

Now this can be all explained away by the revelation of the devil's true identity but it just makes Kenshin look fucking stupid anyway, especially for someone who has watched so many movie. If Cats disappeared from the World is a house built on dodgy foundations. At least its not crying porn but I just could not enjoy the movie with the shadow of the premise hanging over the story.

I'm currently replaying Ryu ga Gotoku 5 and Ando Sakura's dad is in it playing a cop and it was weird watching him play this quiet watchfixer in this movie.

The writer could have easily fixed this with the devil being more specific with his trade such as this phone at this certain date in Kenshin's past will not work or the movie metropolis will never be made or that the cat Lettuce will never exist in his life.

'If Cats disappeared from the World doesn't sound' as good as 'If my cat disappeared from the World' but it would have solved this movie's achilles' heel. Don't waste your time with this unless you enjoy turning off your brain in pursuit of sad movies.


okto berlin said...

could you tell me where should I find the subtitle of this movie please?
I need it so badly.

Akiramike said...

@okto : No English subtitles yet as far as I know but I'm pretty sure it'll get subbed.