Monday, November 28, 2016

IQ246 Eps 1-3

IQ246 feels like a more modern version of Furuhata Ninzaburo but does that necessarily mean its better? Oda Yuji who spends a lot of time tanning is this eccentric aristocrat Homonji Sharaku who is so freaking smart he is spends his time telling everyone about how bored he is.

Homonji has a army of supporting characters:

1) Kung fu butler Kensei
2) Yet another actress who is too young to play a police officer in Tsuchiya Tao doing the Imaizumi role.
3) A pair of police detectives who don't do any investigating including one the irritating one who says random English words all the time,
4) Aristocratic sister
5) Nakatani Miki as the criminally underutilised coroner who is smitten with Homonji's IQ.

Nothing wrong with a huge supporting cast except they all get a lot of screen time and IQ246 feels very crowded to the point that the mystery feels like an afterthought.

Oh yes, the mysteries. Like Furuhata Ninzaburo, we get to see how the crimes are committed and its about how Homonji solves the case. The list of high profile guest stars is certainly impressive and I'm tempted to watch episode 4 for Kuninaka Ryoko but the first three episodes seem to be about the mystery serving the various supporting characters rather than the other way around and it made for a tiring viewing.

I just realised that ersby has already completed the subbing of Furuhata Ninzabura season 3 and I shall be watching that instead of IQ246. Meh.

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