Thursday, November 17, 2016

I am a Hero movie review

I had heard good things about the movie and manga so I was pretty excited to watch I am a Hero. The last zombie movie I had watched was the massively overhyped Train to Busan so I kept my expectations low on this one.

I came into this movie from the perspective of a long time Japanese movie fan. 99% of the time, it is shit. There's always no sense of geography,they try to hard to look cool etc. My passing criteria was that as long as there was nothing to complain about with the action, I was ok with it.

The story takes a while to get going since it wants to introduce our main character is this very normal person but when the we finally get to see the zombies as our hero runs away from his workplace, there is this glorious 5 minute action scene that totally makes the movie (according to Japanese standards).

Storyline wise, I am a Hero doesn't stray from the usual zombie tropes nor should it. Nagasawa Masami's character is so underwritten but the star of the movie is director Sato Shinsuke who did Princess Blade and criminally underrated Gantz movies. If there is one Japanese director who knows how to do more with less, its him. Put any other director in his place and I am a Hero would not be as good.

The ending is awesome and I really want to see part two. I've started reading the manga and had a quick look at the synopsis and it seems they changed some major things for the movie. I wonder whether fans like the changes?

On the whole, its a very solid zombie movie. Very watchable.


Elweiss said...

Train to Busan is a very good movie, I'm not a huge fan of zombies movies but it's a must see.

siska sakamichi46 forever said...

but this japan zombies movieXDXD