Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Mamagoto Episode 1-4

What is it with NHK and foster parent doramas. First we had the charming Kiseki no Hito, about a useless guy who falls in love with Aso Kumiko and her deaf and dumb daughter and now we have Mamagoto with Ando Sakura as a Sunaku worker who finds meaning in life when Usuda Asami abandons her son with Ando Sakura.

What's next? A jdorama about an ex-yakuza who runs into the daughter of his childhood friend and he must protect her from the bad people? One can hope.

Mamagoto is a big deal not just because its got Ando Sakura who is one of Japan's best actresses along with Matsushima Hikari but because the director is Nakata Hideo, director of Ringu and Dark Water.

Visually so far, Mamagoto has not been special. Its got a raw sort of quality to the visuals but nothing impressive but you can tell it doesn't have the budget.

I like that the kid is not your usual trying to be cute and actually acting like an adult kid. However, there is something about the kid's acting that bugs me. I'm no expert about 5 year old kids but sometimes his acting seems very fake. Ando Sakura is good as the demon old lady with a sad past whose heart gets melted by the kid.   

So far its been feel good fun but not as impressive as the talent would suggest. Watchable so far but don't expect greatness. The first two episodes have been subbed. Watchable.

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