Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sweets Paradise X Berserk at Yokohama

Huge thanks to Awolcosmonaut on the Berserk Reddit for writing about this.

It's being held in Yokohama until the 25th and then moves to Shijokawaramachi next month. You can find the information here:

The Sweets Paradise is located on the second floor of the Vivre building 5 minutes walk from the West exit of Yokohama station.

This is the second time I've been to Sweets Paradise for an event. The first one was for Ryu ga Gotoku.

Basically you get a ticket from the vending machine, it's 2250 yen or something like that and you can order one food and one drink. There is a time limit but during that time, you can eat or drink from the buffet as well.

Now that The Last Guardian has been delayed, it looks like Berserk is my game for October, not that I am expecting much from it. I'm pretty sure the PS2 game will still be the best.

I ordered Puck for coffee instead of the brand. Puck doesn't look happy.

Berserker armour Guts tastes as bad as it looks.

Standing guts 2D thingie.

Guts t-shirt. They are all one size and I'm pretty sure they are too small for me but I need to support the series.

Brand t-shirt.

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