Saturday, September 10, 2016

Yasube-e in Shinjuku and back to Nakano, Tokyo

For the first time, I am staying in Nakano which is on the west side of Tokyo. I am near blind drunk so please forgive my more than usual mistakes. One of the main reasons for staying in Nakano which is far from my usua drinking holr in Shin Koiwa is so I can eat Butayarou everyday.

Butatariu's shut down days for September.

Omiage from Kokoro chan. She just quit Hotaru and moved to Nagoya. She came back to Tokyo on Thursday so I had to go Shin Koiwa to meet her.

Tried of tsukemen Yasube-e in Shinjuku because the line at Fuunji was at least 45 minutes.

I have to say Yasu-be is pretty good. It's not to tonkotsu but the noodles and soup are pretty good. I wouldn't mind going there again.

Spent Friday night at this anisong bar in Nakano. The impressive thing for me was the existence of cute anime fangirls. As in young females wearing cosplay like clothing coming to a karaoke bar to sing Idolmaster songs.

There's not much talking going on because the girls who work at the bar spend their time cheering, shaking the tambourine and making sure the karaoke queue runs smoothly. Like when you get to the refrain part of your song, they get down on their knees and do that upwards tambourine shake.

Everybody has to stand on the stage to sing. I started with Ryu ga Gotoku songs but they were short and only one other person knew them. Not as fun as singing Go My Way and the whole place doing the chants.

The one real minus for me is no smoking inside. I'd imagine its to make it appealing to female customers.

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