Friday, September 23, 2016

Misc Japan 2016 trip 2 pictures

Abura chashuu from Ittou in Shin Koiwa. Omfg, me so hungry.

Tamagata ramen in Yokohama. Not bad.

Crappy generic tonkotsu from Higashi Koenji.

Kokolo-Chan's moved to Fukuoka but luckily she was back in Tokyo for en Exile concert and we managed to catch up twice. There are two things I remember:

1) I told her I was going to the Tokyo Gemu Show and she looked at me with a puzzled face and asked, "Where is the Tokyo Kemusho (prison)?"

2) We've previosly gotten 86.9 points at karaoke singing together and we finally broke 87 points! I've got two songs to my name in Hatoru's record books. Her singing is so good.

Queue for Persona 5 on launch day.

Butcher's Meat Takechi in Shin Koiwa. The karubi is not bad.

Went with Satomi to Yakiniku Futago in Omiya. This is called the Kuroge wagyu hamideru karubi.

I forgot what this is but I'm sure it tasted great.

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