Thursday, September 08, 2016

Saijo and Osaka

Met up with bframe for some yakitori and exchanging of gifts. Hope he's enjoying the 4TB of goodness I passed him.

The Yamanote Line is getting a new station. They haven't figured out a name yet.

After checking out in Saijo, I waited for an hour for Yoroshiku to open. Frame says it's the best ramen is Saijo. I got really excited to see that its thick tonkotsu fish tsukemen.

One of my favorite ramen places is Ittou in Shin Koiwa which specialises in the same exact ramen.

I am sorry Saijo, but Yoroshiku is very pedestrian. The soup and hand made noodles feel very lacking.

Took the Shinkansen back to Osaka and of course I had to get some horumon tempura!

Went to Kyobashi to meet up with Yukimi. Looks like Odaiba is not the only place with a statue of liberty.

Not my first time in Kyobashi but it's the first time I got to walk around. It reminds me of Kumamoto with how compact and dirty it is with plenty of night life activities to do including a nurse uniform girls' bar.

High grade mouth watering karubi.

Can't remember the name of this horumon but it didn't taste good. Made me appreciate how good Yakiniku Hiro in Kyoto was. The original plan was to Yakiniku in Fukushima and then go drinking At Hakushe. Oh well, there's always next time.

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