Thursday, September 01, 2016

Back in Japan : Finally over 86 points and chicken gyoza!

Yes, me is back in Tokyo. Missed the typhoon by one day. Unfortunately, the typhoon went north of Tokyo and caused much death and destruction.

Anyways at Hotaru, if you clear 87 points in karaoke you get a bottle of crappy Jinro or a discount towards your next bottle of whiskey. On Wednesday the hurdle is lowered 85 and I finally got me freaking discount.

I still want to break 87 though. Thanks to Yusuke for reintroducing me to Saitou Kazuyoshi's Zutto suki dattanda.

I first ate chicken skin gyoza at a stall outside Himeji castle. It's not that common in Japan and I've been wanting to eat it since.

Did a google and found out that you could get chicken skin gyoza from Lawson at 60 yen a piece. Chicken skin on the outside, gyoza on the inside. Went to the Lawson at the south exit of Shin Koiwa station but they weren't selling any. Trekked a bit to the north station and luckily the Lawson there was selling. Unfortunately, it was not crispy enough.

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Shane said...

Hey man, you coming to Kansai?

I lost your LINE...