Sunday, September 25, 2016

Japan loot second raid of 2016

Sakuraba Nanami poster. It says I like judicial clerks. Yes the judicial clerk association of Japan hired Sakuraba Nanami for this.

Thanks to bframe for getting the two posters for me. Maybe judicial clerks play some special role in Japan.

My favorite shirt from this trip. Should have gotten the Megadrive and Dreamcast ones but I have way too many shirts. Now I regret not buying because how many shirts have the Sega logo?

Saturn controller at the back.

My second favorite shirt because its a Reinhard von Lohengramm shirt! Need more Legend of Galactic Heroes goods. There was a Rossen Ritter shirt as well which I didn't get.

You can't watch anime and not know this shirt.

I like the Sonic at the back.

Really crappy Berserk shirt. Can't even tell its Guts.

Shibuya with Tachikomas from the Production I.G store.

Got a new 3DS, Xenoblade, Uppers and Rose and the old Castle of Twilight for the Vita. No second hand cause I want to support the developer.

Genie Ibun Roku aka Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Second hand cause it was too cheap to ignore.

Root Letter Premium Edition. I played the PS4 demo and quite enjoyed it.

Ryu ga Gotoku fan from TGS.

Bigger battery for Wii U controller, USB Y cable to connect HDD to Wii U, USB C female port so I could connect my mp3 player to my phone, Ryu ga Gotoku badges and 20000 yen in PSN currency. I also got a usb to 3DS adapter but I can't find it atm.

Persona 5 TGS bag.


dgundam said...

speaking of logh, i just recently found out that they have published the first 2 novels english translated a few months ago by haikasuru (viz). already bought both of them, spread the word out so that people will know to buy them novels so that they see theres an interest and that they continue translating and bringing out the rest of the novel series over! the thing thats different from the novels is that u can actually read what the characters are thinking.

Akiramike said...

dgundam - I know what Yang's thinking all the time: I just want to retire in peace in live on my pension!