Saturday, September 24, 2016

Production I.G Store and One Piece Migiwara Store and Nakano summer festival

The shops are right in Marui (otherwise known as 0101) in Shibuya. Production I.G is of course the super talented house that animated Ghost in the Shell and Psycho Pass.

I don't really care about One Piece.

I did try out the VR thing and it was ok.

I really wanted that Psycho Pass over 900 t-shirt but I've got way too many shirts already.

I had just watched A Living Promise / Jinsei no Yakusoku and was pleasantly surprised to see a yatai in Nakano.

The movie is available at doramax265 and has not been subbed to my knowledge. I don't think its on avistaz. Highly recommended movie.

They started at the south exit of Nakano station.

And moved south.

The yatais are a lot smaller than the one from A Living Promise but it brought great memories from the movie.

Afterwards there was a taiko performance at the north exit. Really awesome.

The taxi driver guy in the middle turns out to be buchou / boss of the organisation and he gave a short speech. It was surreal because of watching so many doramas and movies about shopping area organisations and everyone was shouting buchou!!!! there was a JR! chant which I assume is his nickname.

All three yatais got together for a dance/shout off...

And then headed north up Nakano broadway. I miss Nakano. The good thing about Nakano is that its within walking distance to Koenji which has interesting nightlife as well. :)

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