Friday, March 18, 2016

Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu -Sotsugyou-

I had absolutely no expectations for this Hashimoto Kanna vehicle. Can't even remember anything from the Nagasawa Masami series.

There are two good things about this new iteration of Sailor Fuku to Kikanjuu; first is Kinpachi sensei as Kanna's no.1 underling and source of humour.

Second is Hasegawa Hiroshi as the badass guy from the rival yakuza group who Kanna has the hots for. I'm pretty sure he did the movie just so for the kissing scene. Still it was fun seeing him playing the strong quiet type after going through a wole gamut of emotions in Love & Peace.

One more interesting thing is there were a couple of long one shot scenes.

The biggest problem with the movie is Kanna's character, the sailor fuku girl. She's basically given the reins of a small time 3 man yakuza group who doesn't make any smart decisions or aim her machinegun at anybody. Everyone else fights, kills and dies for her.

Probably the second worst thing is the movie is 20 minutes way too long. If you're movie is going to be crap, it should be as painless as possible. Most importantly, can Hashimoto Kanna act? Meh.

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