Thursday, March 24, 2016

Actor Takuji Kameoka review

When I first saw the trailer during my last trip, I knew I had to watch this. A movie featuring two usually supporting actors about an actor who plays bit parts? Sounds about right for me. I tought I had missed my chance but Theater Shinjuku is doing a limited rerelease along with 100 yen no Koi.

The movie starts with a bang. An ikemen actor is shooting a death scene and Kameoka is just a background actor in said acene. Ikemen actor trashes a lot before dying and director has Kameoka show him how to die quickly.

Another funny scene has Kameoka acting in a hostess club scene with a pure amature and the decided to change the fake alcohol into real alcohol to cope with the situation.

Boxing glove from Ando Sakura's
100 yen love.

I'm loving Kameoka until halfway, eager to call this a must watch and then the story starts getting more 'artistic' or abstract especially with the stage story before finally getting back on track at the end where he is asked what is the secret of acting.

The writer should have kept the broad comedy going instead of going a bit artsy. Its still a watchable dark comedy but I wished the story had more momentum in the middle. Watchable.

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