Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Kateinai Soushitsu at Honda Gekijou

From watching Matso Takako to Koizumi Kyoko, Kateinai Soushitsu is my second play for thia trip. Koizumi Kyoko is as gorgeous as ever though the people at Hatora said that Kyonkyon recently had her plastic surgery redone.

Kyonkyon plays the stepmother in this play and the daughter has returned home after having troubles with her significant other. The father assigns his juniour to gather intel on his daughter and the soushitsu part refers to the father's best friend who pretends to disappear so he can see how his wife reacts without him.

I was this close to Kyonkyon.

I'm sure there's some thematic link but I didn't care cause the pacing was slow and took too freaking long to establish the characters. Plus me knee was hurting from taking low angle pics during Nipponbashi Festa.

Not all plays should be two hours if the pacing can keep out. It was fun to see Kyonkyon in person and some familiar faces but the pacing spoiled it for me. Meh.

There's a play with Fukatsu Eri and Ito Ayumi going on right now but bout it lookslike its going to be hard to understand.


dgundam said...

kyon kyon had plastic surgery? i dont really hear about japanese celebrities getting plastic surgery. is it prevalent there? i know how ps is prevalent in korea and lots of people talk about it and who gets it and is in the news. just wondering, know any other famous j-actresses whos gotten ps mike?

Akiramike said...

I think most of them in the business have done it. The super obvious one would be the one from 101 Proposals .Can't remember her name but I hate looking at her face. Not to mention plenty of AKB girls.

Buck said...

Asano Atsuko? No wonder I've always thought that there're several actresses named Asana Atsuko in doramas. But it's no wonder that most actors/actresses have gotten PS at some point in their careers, but some know how not to overdo so they look rather natural.

Akiramike said...

Yeah. She looks way too plastic. I don't think I can rewatch 101 proposals.