Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Boku dake ga inai machi movie review

Fujiwara Tatsuya and current it girl Arimura Kasumi in a movie about going back in time to solve a string of murders. I am going to get sick of Arimura Kasumi soon unless she starts playing different characters.

The first half is very exciting. I like that Fujiwara Tatsuya can't control his powers and things will keep rewinding until he solves the danger. The time travel to his childhood is fun because its about an adult in a child's body trying to stop a crime.

Then the second half happened and the overuse of time travel made me start to wonder how to explain certain things like the bridge scene.

The obvious villain turned out to be obvious and the ending had me thinking why the main character was so stupid instead of being moved.

I really hope the original manga is a lot better. Started out nice and turned out meh.


praveen said...

Hello. It's been a long time mike-san. Hope you are doing good.

I didn't know that a movie version of this came out. I was following the anime which I think is in the climax. Pretty good till now except that I was confused about who actually is controlling the time and how fujinuma and his sensei are aware of each-other's moves from different time-lines!.

You might have already watched it. If not, I recommend Steins;Gate VN/anime which except for the first 3 episodes, becomes intense. Apparently, a second season is also in development.

Akiramike said...

In the movie the sensei says some stuff which indicates he might be aware but the story finishes quickly after Fujinuma realises the truth. Looks like the anime makes better use of the time travelling stuff while the movie is more concerned with the abused girl storyline.