Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ryu ga Gotoku x Sweets Paradise at Okachimachi Pasta Paradiso

I was planning to go to Butayarou in Nakano but luckily checked tabalog and found out it was closed. Off I went to Okachimachi to eat some Ryu ga Gotoku food.

There was this girl next to me and before long we were talking Ryu ga Gotoku. That's a picture of us with our coaster and stickers.

Turns out she had come down from Aichi to visit the store.

And unfortunately is going back by bus tonight. I should have said I was going to Nagoya but that would entail cancelling on some people.

She doesn't have a PS4 and played the games on her oniichan's PS3. My heart skipped a beat when she used the word oniichan. Lucky bastard.

Unfortunately she had a previous engagement but at least we managed to exchange LINE accounts to talk more Ryu ga Gotoku.

Haruka-chan was very sweet.

Very happy the Sega gods allowed me to meet another Ryu ga Gotoku fan. :)


Sonna~ said...

I could kick myself for not knowing about something like this when I was there last month. :/ As it was, I kind of wish we went to the Dark Souls experience thing in Shibuya.

dgundam said...

im always in awe of your friend making skills mike. im not the type to talk to some random person and make friends, but damn that would be nice to find a new ryu ga gotoku friend. none of the people i know play games :(