Monday, March 14, 2016

Gekirin at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater

The timing for my trip was made up when I saw the poster for Gekirin during my last one. The line up of Matsu Takako, Eita, Abe Sadao and Inoue Mao is to die for. I wanted to go for the Mano Erina concert in January but the tickets were double what I paid for this trip.

Unfortunately for me, Gekirin is one hell or a confusing play. Eita is a telegram messenger who becomes a diver after he meets Matsu Takako, who is a mermaid.

Inoue Mao is the daughter of this aquarium owner who believes in the existence of mermaids. Eita is able to see this big warship on the horizon that nobody an see and Inoue Mao says that's because he has good eyesight. I think he is able to see the past/future because he is involved in some scenes/hallucinations where I do not that when it is taking place.

Abe is the security guard who becomes a diver and finally the captain of a submarine in WW2.

There's a story about Matsu Takako failing the audition to be a fake mermaid for the meseum, the origins of mermaids and the meaning of gekirin which is how they get to live forever.

It ends with WW2, everyone joIning the the submarine crew and the submarine shooting torpedoes with humans in it and being pushed by mermaids.

After the final torpedo is fired with Eita and being pushed by Matsu Takako, the Emperor's surrender can be heard.

Its supposed to make some sense because the audience loved it and I heard some sniffing. The show is moving to Osaka next so I hope Yuka watches it so she can explain the story to me.

No more super artistic plays with super long sentences and people speaking at 100 words per minute. I just want modern comedies with regular Japanese like Better Half which I really regret not watching a second time. I think the Nodamap plays make their way to youtube. Gekirin is Nodamap's 20th production.

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