Wednesday, March 02, 2016

7 things I love about Gaiji Keisatsu Episode 1

Its kind of sad that on top of the small pantheon of Japanese cop shows, Gaiji Keisatsu arguably stands at the top with Gonzo, Rinjo and Border. Rewatching Gaiji Keisatsu is so much fun and idoru/tarento shows like Siren don't deserve to lick Gaiji's Keisatsu's boots. Its always been on the top of my list of shows to rewatch and I decided to give it a go after reading Anime/Gaming Newbie's comments.

1) Ono Machiko's character who is the audience POV character is quickly established as competent cop with scenes like Watabe Atsuro asking her about the target's clothes. No Ueto Aya like main character where you spend the series wondering how she ever graduated the academy and became a detective.

2) The rift between the regular cops (flies) and the Public Security people feels real and not tacked on. So many Japanese cop shows have parties overacting and getting angry over jurisdiction crap when only one person is competent in their job. I love the fact that Ono Machiko gets treated like a fly in the beginning of the episode and has to do it to another fellow cop later. I like that her ex partner doesn't scream at her everytime they meet cause they are both on the same side, just with very different priorities.

3) The way they tail the suspect feels real and professional and there's no way anyone can suspect they are being watched. Too many times, its men in suits with their finger in their ear. The devil is in the details because once the cops do something stupid just to look cool, they've lost me.

4) The attempted suicide surveillance scene. High tension with the big picture vs small picture argument. Its less Ono Machiko's character is idealistic but that Watabe Atsuro is ruthless.

5) The look that Ono Machiko gives at her last moment to stop an innocent man from committing a crime. Is she a good actress or what?

6) Watabe Atsuro telling Ono Machiko why she is suited from this job. Whether or not its true, it plants this idea in her head that deep down she used her friend's misfortune for her career.

7) Learning that Watabe Atsuro is willing to sacrifice the innocent for what he wants.

If you've never seen this show, drop everything and run and get it. There's a torrent up at nyaa. I don't see Japan producing something as good as this anytime soon.


Jamie said...

Ah Gaiji Keisatsu made me dissatisfied with a lot of other dramas for awhile. It really set the bar high. Loved Watabe Atsuro. And I just found out there's a movie? Have you seen it?

Great blog, thanks for the JRPG recommend, been wishing for more JRPG's, there's so few good ones out there!

dgundam said...

well, i know you dont like watching kdramas, but theres this new one i just finished watching that was good. not gaiji keisatsu good, but still one of the better cop shows ive seen.

theres a twist in that the guy from the pressent talks with a walkie talkie with the guy from the past to solve cases.

i like the fact that the production values, directing, acting, script is good. better than your average kdrama plus theres barely any romance.
warning though is you might have to bear through the first 2 episodes then you might start to like the whole series after episode 3/4.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Sumimoto was saying that Matsuzawa had used any friend's misfortune to advance her career. I think he was suggesting that Matsuzawa had downright lied about being personally connected to, hence emotionally affected by, the assault victim -- i.e. that Matsuzawa herself is pretty good at deception and manipulation, and hence suitable for the job.