Monday, November 02, 2015

Siren Eps 1+2 : Lack of common sense

Random guy hold crazy serial killer girl hostage in episode 2.

Rest of cops come from the back.

Kimura Fumino is distracting the hostage taker and clearly the cops are behind him as can be seen from this shot.

Guess what happens in the next shot? The cops who were behind and for some reason circled around the hostage taker. Hhhmm, hostage life at stake and hostage taker has his back to you and the police handbook says what?

I've never seen a cop who decided that he's rather point the gun at a hostage taker from the front than directly behind him. For the love of all the used pantsu in Japan, who approved this crap? People without common sense should not be allowed to direct/edit Jdoramas.

I get that the point of the scene is for Kara to save herself but this makes the police look like total imbeciles and the scene does not look cool at all and there are better ways to achieve the same result.

Let's nor forget the Kara hanging scene....

Where she lifts herself up over the bars and strangles the guy with her thighs and manages to untie the noose in 3 seconds.

And when the taxi driver is put into the same position, he doesn't think about grabbing the bar. WTF. That structure looks like it could topple if someone held the bars and used their bodyweight to bring it down. She's not really pulling the guy anyway.Finally, let's not forget the lack of marks on Kara's neck.

Forget about China being a dick about the South China Sea borders. Abe needs to declare a national emergency and declare actions scenes that insult the viewer's intelligence and that neither make sense tactically nor geographically be punishable by imprisonment. I am serious thinking of making a rule that I only watch cop shows by WOWOW or NHK.

I can't give Siren a do not watch rating because it is actually watchable and is different from the run of the mill jdorama cop show especially with the Kara character and the two leads but it just runs into the same problems that so many cop jdoramas run into: lack of common sense.


Cyberwave said...

Go watch Mutsu for more police stupdity, which ruins a story with potential of being another Border.
If you want a jdorama which makes your brain happy, go watch Haretsu by NHK :)

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
I've all but given up on finding a decent J-dorama actioner. It makes me sad.
Stop giving these hacks the money to make this crap.

Akiramike said...

Thanks Cyberwave. I'll avoid Mutsu and give Haretsu a go.

Rootabega: The sad thing is, these action shows are more for the non-action crowd and its getting decent ratings.

dgundam said...

hey mike. so you watch the final episode of siren yet? i had a feeling there was someone more behind the scenes, but what we got in the final episode was actually not something i was expecting and was an interesting plot twist. well its something that u dont normally see in jdrama cop shows. try watching the last 2 episodes at least.

for me the show was mediocre but i never felt like dropping it. maybe cuz i have a soft spot for shinken red and fumina.
but ya i tended to roll my eyes whenever the police chief or the chibi detective were on scene and fast forwarded through those.

Akiramike said...

dgundam: Not after the hostage thing in episode 2 that does not make sense. The devil is in the details.