Monday, November 16, 2015

Tetsuko no Sodatekata Eps 1-5

bframe passed this show to me and claims that I ignored him about it and I do have some recollection of him telling me about some train jdorama.

Its been way too long since I saw Kobayashi Ryoko in Maou.

She's got the most hypnotic eyes in all of jdoramaland along with Konishi Manami.

Its surprising that she never made it big when you have your usual people who can't act getting pushed all the time.

Kobayashi Ryoko plays a female announcer who has failed all of her 47 interviews until she finds a job with tetsudou terebi.

Tetsuko no Sodatekata is a comedy about a ragtag bunch of people and an aspiring announcer making tv programs about trains.

All the stories follow the same plot: Kobayashi Ryoko goes into an interview unprepared, asks for another chance and in the next episode learns more about the train/person and aces the interview. Oh yeah, the interviewee is always some hot chick.

I don't really mind the formula since this is a comedy but taking two episodes to tell one story can be too long especially episodes 4 and 5 with the air train story.

I'm going to keep watching just to stare into Kobayashi Ryoko's deep black eyes.

Tetsuko no Sadatekata starts off funny but gets a bit tiresome so hopefully it gets better in the second half.

bframe captured the episodes off Japanese tv so it came with ads and that made me very depressed because the only time I usually see Japanese ads are when I'm in Japan.

The episode about air train (making train noises + announcements) reminded me of after my first pilgrimage when I would look up videos of Japanese train videos and audio.

Unfortunately at this point, I can only recommended Tetsuko no Sodatekata to Kobayashi Ryoko fans and of course train maniacs. Tetsuko no Sodatekata looks like its available on direct download on some sites but I am unsure if the links still work.


Bobo said...

Only watched because of Ryoko Kobayashi. I'm also baffled how she never blew up, I can't stop looking at her. And her acting is not bad, either.

Had this on my computer for a while, but deleted it since I didn't think it would be subbed. Too bad.

Sonna~ said...

When is your next trip? I'm headed out in February.

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
Good review, as always, but there wasn't enough train porn in the screenshots:).
Guess I'll have to watch the show to get my jollies.