Friday, November 06, 2015

Okashi no Ie Eps 1+2

Okashi no Ie is like a good version of Dokonjo Gaeru. No, it doesn't have a talking frog stuck on a shirt but Okashi no Ie is a showa style dorama about childhood and growing up featuring a main character who likes to sit around all day and a childhood friend who comes back home with a kid.

The best way to describe Okashi no Ie is that it that laid back, feel good story about being nostalgic for simpler times while living in a more complicated world. It is my kind of comedy, understated, subdued and takes it time building up to the punch line. The half hour runtime helps as well as the two episodes are to the point and there are no wasted scenes. I really enjoyed Fujiwara Tatsuya's role in episode 2. Its rare to see him in a comedy. The only thing I don't like is Odagiri Joe and this other guy looking too similar.

Most interestingly, the writer and director is Ishii Yuya, husband of Mitsushima Hikari and director of Sawako Decides and The Great Passage. I'm going to refrain from calling this a must watch since its still early but based on the talent involved, there is a high probability Okashi no Ie ends up being one. Very recommended. You can find the first two episodes here.

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Shane said...

I was gonna recommend this to you but you were one step ahead.

Good drama!