Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gate Episodes 1-12

Gate is basically an jietai (SDF) in a fantasy world setting anime. Dragon vs guns! What more do you need? 

The best thing about Gate is the main character Itami, not just because he's not a bland shounen who gets mysterious powers and never gives up. Itami is the reluctant hero thrown into a world where tough decisions have to be made, like the great Yang Wenli from Legend of Galactic Heroes. When Itami actually used the knife to kill the soldier in the pic above, I knew this was the show for me. I am sick of anime with guns and swords where people don't die.

The art is very inconsistent like Arslan and I hate how big the eyes sometimes get. It feels like there are two different artstyles in the anime. I wish they had the budget of Danmachi cause there are a lot of scenes that could have been really beautiful.

 Yes, it is a harem anime (when is an anime not?) but the good news is all the characters have a purpose to the story and are not there solely to cater to every lowest denominator and the story moves at a very good pace. The harem could get way too crowded pretty quick though.

I love the political aspect of this show with lots of people using each other for their own purposes. Gate poses interesting questions like would it be best for Japan to make enemies with the rest of the world just for this world beyond the gate?

Love the Ride of the Valyries scene. Makes me want to play more MGSV.

 I wish Gate had gone for a more realistic Berserk style but its a lot more mature than most anime. The writing really explores the premise in interesting ways. Very enjoyable anime for me. I can't wait to see what happens next.


dgundam said...

so they get tranported to another world? hmm, i guess ill have to try this one. looks interesting. is it more than 13 episodes?

a show that you have to try though is one punch man. a funny gag anime based on the manga/webcomic. the webcomic is pretty good but the drawing is terrible. you will probly get into the show after episode 2-3 as a newcomer that hasnt read anything.

dgundam said...

just finished it. the first 4 episodes was so slow and boring. but after that it was enjoyable enough that i finished the whole show in one sitting. i cant wait for the next season.
i was actually amazed how the anime pretty much reflects the reality of the bs that happens in politics. never thought id see that in an anime of this generation.
thanks for the recommendation. now you have to try one punch man! :P

Akiramike said...

Thanks. I'll put one punch man on my list!