Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Otona Keikaku: The Lover Seven Years Ago in Shimokitazawa

I went to Shimokitazawa to watch this play by Abe Sadawo and Kudo Kankuro's comedy group Otona Keikaku. Actually its more like a skit show held loosely by a thread about two has been idols with one hit.

My problem is that a lot of the jokes are based on old pop culture references some of which I got like Wada Akiko and Shomuni but a lot flew over my head. The second half was more situational comedy but its more like Kudo Kankuro trying to get his mates to do disgusting things. Kudo Kankuro could not keep a straight face during the whole thing and was constantly looking down hiding his laughter.

I didn't find it worth my money because its sketch comedy is on tv all the time. Felt like a waste of time especially the money I payed securing the resell tickets. Mano Erina's Better Half was a lot better and I wish I could watch that again.

Now this is a play worth going to Japan for. Matsu Takako, Eita, Inoue Maou and Abe Sadao.

Suiyobi no Campanella! Thanks to bframe for introducing them to me!

I went drinking afterwards and ended my missing the last train. The other regulars were very helpful in looking up cheap places I could stay. One of the places was a nearby sauna and they made jokes about making sure the key is strap is on the correct hand or one could send the wrong signal.

We ended up going to supper with Mama, Miho-chan, Take-san and his friend. Take-san ended up paying and I found out he was the person who gave the very expensive Hyakunen no Kodoku shochu to Mama who gave it to me.

I spend a couple of hours sleeping at a manga cafe for 1200 yen before going back on the first train. Thanks to Miho-chan for making sure I got to the cafe and everything with reception went ok.


Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
I got so excited I replied in the previous post, ha ha...

Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:
I didn't know about the locker key "code". lol I nearly stayed at a sauna in Kyoto, only learning later on that it was LGBT hot spot. Not that I minded, but it might not have made for the best night's rest. lol Japan is never boring.

Akiramike said...

I was told its mostly in Shinjuku (2chome) but I'm not going to risk it. lol