Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Angel Heart Episode 1+2

+ Who would have ever thought that Kamikawa Takaya, the serious white shoe wearing cop from Marks no Yama and Lady Joker would have a good Saeba Ryo?

 + I like Aibu Saki as Kaori. She's less noisy and tomboyish compared to the anime but she's got chemistry with Kamikawa.

- Unfortunate, she has to die cause this is Angel Heart and not City Hunter.

- The three 'ladies' at Cat's Eye are completely irritating and unnecessary. You've already got Umibozu to dispense any information to the audience already.

- Not enough mokkori aka Saeba Ryo perversions.

= Episode two was a flashback episode telling the beginning of City Hunter and it was so freaking awesome. However, it only made it painfully obvious that its what they should have gone for because City Hunter is significantly more interesting.

- Can't we just forget about this Angel Heart crap and use the same actors for a City Hunter series with a lot of mokkori? Need a lot more Aibu Saki as Kaori.

- Who the hell cast the Angel Heart girl? Part of it is the plot's fault but she just puts me to sleep.

- Here's an example of why Japanese directors have no concept of setting things up correctly during action scenes. Girl gets chased down by secret evil organisation (who wear their uniforms in public with logo). Notice they are walking/looking down the corridor and she's just around the corner.

- They turn the corner and she's not there. Where did she go?

- Ok, she went down that grill which was JUST IN THE LINE OF SIGHT OF THE BAD BUYS 10 SECONDS AGO! Forget Abenomics, kickstarting the Japanese economy or introducing My Number in Japan, Abe needs to make me the Minister of Common Sense for Japan. I see this type of lazy/stupid stuff in Jdoramas way too often and its easily fixable by limiting the camera view and creating the illusion of where things are. Sigh.

Angel Heart gets all the City Hunter stuff right that all the Angel Heart stuff pales in comparison.

I'll probably give it another two episodes. They need to introduce a lot more mokkori to keep me watching though.

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