Sunday, October 04, 2015

Autumn 2015 jdoramas that should be subbed


The tokusatsu parody is back for a second season! It was one of my favourite shows from last year. My only fear is if they run out of jokes for season 2. The good folks at megabeast empire are subbing the second season. Do watch the first season if you haven't! My body is ready!


Someone please sub this because there is no way I can understand all the financial mumbo jumbo.


Probably going to be your typical pharmaceutical cover up WOWOW show starring the guy from Love and Farm but Renbutsu Misako is in it and that's all the reason I need.


Odagiri Joe + Ono Machiko = must at least try. 


I don't really care about Kuninaka Shinohara Ryoko but I like everyone else but the most important thing is that the writer is Ozaki Masaya (Black President). Will this end up being a Shiroi Haru or a Last Doctor? Waittaminit, isn't Eguchi Yosuke in Shingari as well? How is he in two jdoramas in the same season? The obvious answer being WOWOW shows are completely shot before airing cause they don't want to let ratings dictate the story.


Black President + Amami Yuki + Writer of Jyoou no Kyoushitsu. Unfortunately, the writer also did Kaseifu no Mita and Maru Maru Tsuma. I will try for the talent but my expectations are very low. Their chemistry might make this watchable.



I love Abe Hiroshi but WOWOW already did the same show years ago (which I need to watch) and I'm pretty sure the WOWOW version of the same story is definitely better than the TBS version.


Is there anyone out there that think Angel Heart is even half as good as City Hunter? To be fair I haven't read it for ages but this might end up being so bad, its actually fun.


Cyberwave said...

Fuji TV & Kazuhiko Yukawa are two things that I'll not have hopes for anymore, so dramas involving them will be passed. WOWOW has made too much conspiracy dramas about hierarchy and only few end up great. I'll wait for overall reviews before picking up. I truly hope Okashi no Ie won't make the same pacing mistake like Going My Home. Will Look forward to performance of Ayaka Miyoshi & Matsuoka Mayu in Angel Heart & Kounodori, regardless of the story :/

(P.S. There are rumors Sakamoto will return to Monday 9pm session next season...)

dgundam said...

lol poor kuninaka ryoko to be confused with shinohara ryoko. love them both though <3

finally an abe hiroshi drama. gonna watch that, the amami, shinohara and renbutsu drama. here to hoping we dont get disappointed.

Akiramike said...

Cyberwave: Can't believe Soredemo Ikite Yuku got made at FujiTV but that had a lot to do with the producer. WOWOW needs to stop doing conspiracy doramas for a year.

dgundam: Too many Ryokos. lol

Gel Ace said...

Gisou no Fuufu aired weeks ago. It's being subbed by someone i think. I hope if you happen to watch it you'll give us reviews. Curious about ikki and amami's chemistry. LOL.

dgundam said...

except for that sentai drama, im looking forward to all the other shows you mentioned.

so far angel heart has been an ok live action manga adaption. it doesnt do anything to elevate the manga and i enjoyed it for what it is. although i gave up on angel heart manga because it did get boring will see how this drama holds up. sux how since aibu saki is 30 shes an old actress now that will never get lead drama roles. never seen the main lead actress before.

saw the first episode of gisou no fuufu its light hearted. dont like the smile of amami. its kinda creepy and dislike ikkis character. for some reason this reminds me of another amami drama titled enka no joou.

for shitamachi rocket your right, tbs doesnt have wowows style. i wanted to watch abe hiroshi in a better drama.

otona joshi has been ok. well to be fair its probably because im a fan of eguchi, shinohara, tanihara, and kichise michiko. well its a predictable first 2 episodes so far. and i see that continuing for the rest of the series. its a typical obasan audience targeted jdrama. but since it has 4 favorite stars, gonna keep on watching it. i have a feeling you wont like it. since its not one of those well written plot dramas like wowows and the acting is not amazing. or its not one of those shows that show a ton of fanservice you like.

oh i forgot to mention dont forget to add kodoku no gurume season 5 to your collection. so far 4 episodes have been released.

so far im just surprised that theres a lot of jdramas im following this season.

Antspace said...

Really enjoyed the first ep of Okashi no Ie. Great cast anyway.
If you feel like crying porn, then Kekkonshiki no zenjitsu ni is pretty good. After 2 eps I'm still loving this. It's not too melodramatic. Ep 2 had a very nice flower/ container metaphore/ trap. Glad to see Karina back after her scandal. I always liked her, but feel she has matured as an actor. The other shows don't do it for me. Except the silly sentai stuff maybe. I liked the first ep.