Friday, October 23, 2015

Shinya Shokudo The Movie

I watched this some time ago but didn't write up about it because it wasn't bad enough to make fun of nor was it good enough that I had recommend it straight away. Thanks to anon for reminding me about it. Anyways, Shinya Shokudo the movie is 4 episodes of the series in one, the story about the lover of a deceased rich man, Tabe Mikako's story, the story about the volunteer and her stalker and the mystery of the urn that was left at the diner.

All the stories were decent and my favourite was Tabe Mikako's story but I feel that the stories should have been mixed up a lot better instead about bookending the three stories with the urn mystery. Tabe Mikako's story should have bookended the movie instead.

Firstly, she should have been the character which represents the audience's viewpoint and would  have been a great way to introduce all the regulars to people who haven't seen the show. Secondly, by having her interact with the characters from the other three stories, there is more of a continuity to the movie and it would be fun seeing her reactions to the stories as instead of just the master's all knowing nod. (Provided of course her character is not too idealistic) The ochazuke sisters work for the series but they are not enough for the movie.

Shinya Shokudo the movie tastes like a warm and familiar appetizer but if they had arranged the stories a bit differently, it could have been a very sumptuous meal. Watchable but only for fans of the show only IMHO.


Shane said...

Completely agree with this review. I watched this film with someone who hadnt seen the drama and I felt so sorry for them. It was boring enough for me so it must have been terrible for her. Far too many characters for any movie. What were they thinking? Ive seen every episode of the dramas and I still couldn't follow this plot.

junny said...

Ah, a pity about the film, I'd hoped it would wrap up the series properly. They should have just stopped at season 3.

nomuramai said...

i wonder if you have watched the korean version of shinya shokudo, "the midnight diner"?
i have watched a couple of the episodes and it gives me a similar feeling, nice slice of life stories with similar atmosphere, but korean food! i dont normally watch k-drama that often but i needed a shinya shokudo fix...

this is w subs, btw btdigg is one of the secondary sites i go to find asian stuff...

Akiramike said...

nomuramai: Not a fan of Korean food but thanks for letting me know about btdigg.

20 episodes??? Did they adapt 2 seasons into 1?

bchungdmd said...

I was on my way back to Taiwan for my sister's funeral. On the JAL flight was one of these movies that I took a chance to watch. Amongst other choices of famous Hollywood was this movie. I watched almost twice and recommend it to my sister-in-law, and friends and post it on my own Facebook

Sure, this is not a big time movie nor it has the resources like other directors. Nevertheless, the best way about acting are the actors and the story. It is about a god forsaken place, if you will, in a simple and plain old Japan that illustrates the life of modern Japan and elevates the humanity in it. Themes of love and lost, job and fortunate seekers in a big city, three lovely Japanese ladies, a homeless kid, a food critic, a beautiful stripper, late night workers, a gold digger, a god forsaken urn and a funeral for a famous singer (not in the movie).

I would highly recommend this movie, for it is like the episode 'Butter Rice' (episode 4) It is tasteless to those who do not miss the simple an every day diet. Yet the taste is lasting and it brings back memories of our most precious and profound sense of enduring humanity, I dare say, in all of us.

For that reason, I highly recommend it. Having had the fortune to live abroad, tasted fine food else where, but I come back to taste simple street food. It's popular and it's simplicity is what I look for. For me, these are priceless, and invaluable.

Thank you for adding these to this site, and I am going watch all the episodes. Thank you once again.