Saturday, October 17, 2015

Arslan Senki 8-25

Ok, I might have jumped the gun or bow in this case by giving the series a must watch due to expectations from Legend of Galactic Heroes. I now realise that Arslan is no LoGH simply because its a much more straightforward story based on a Persian epic. The similarities are there of course; LoGH was about democracy vs autocracy and Arslan is about corrupt religion vs slavery and both ask the question what makes a good ruler but where it differs is that the characters lack depth and the OMFG moments aren't really there.

That's not saying I didn't enjoy Arslan. It just wasn't as gripping as LoGH or as polished as Guin Saga. The art is really inconsistent. Most of it is sub par and there are times you can tell that they are saving what little time and budget they have for this major scene.

I'm looking forward to the continuation of the story about the boy who would be king and I've learned to accept that Arslan no LoGH. What it is, is a straightforward fantasy epic with interesting themes and inconsistent artwork and no moeblobs. Very watchable.

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