Monday, August 17, 2015

Shingeki no Kyojin movie

First off, the dubbing is really bad. Something is very off. Maybe its the timing of the copy or just how bad the acting is.

The movie starts off with Eren falling down from a bomb. They couldn't possibly have intended for it to be funny right? Is this a kids movie or a movie about human eating giants?

Big giant attacks quickly and notice something about the canons?

So we have soldier pushing the canons 180 degrees. Maybe its to show they were unprepared? Even if there were unprepared why aim the canons at anywhere but the wall?

Notice how dark and cloudy the sky is?

I don't see no clouds here. There were so inconsistencies in that first big scene.

Fast forward two years and our heroes are on a mission to blow up the top of the wall. First thing they are told is that the kyojin are responsive to human voices. Guess what, every fucking one keeps talking along the car ride. I can accept that maybe they can't hear car engines or something but WTF?

The group runs into some cows and somehow everyone has to get out of the car. Oh yeah, they still continue to talk too. Who the fuck wrote this shit?

After some time, someone has the brains to get the convoy moving.

Stupid girl says she hears baby crying. Get in the fucking truck you bitch. WTF. I get that the soldiers may not be as well trained as the anime but isn't this like their last batch of explosives? Why entrust that to people with absolutely no common sense.

This dude somehow manages to throw a kyojin. WTF. Is this Looney Tunes? Doesn't he have one of those flying thingies? How come he never flies in the movie? Not enough budget? Has no one in the group not been trained to use the maneuver gear?

Speaking of maneuver gear,  who's idea was it to make Ishihara Satomi the overacting, try too hard to be funny character?

Why is Sakuraba Nanami using a bow when it can't do shit to the kyojin?

Forget about passing the common sense test. They absolutely got the wrong director for this. They should have gotten the guy why did the Gantz movies. Now that was a manga adaptation that new how to maximise its budget. Shingeki no Kyojin's biggest sin is inconsistency of its tone. If you want to do B grade horror, go B grade horror camp all the way and don't throw in kids stuff or try to be too serious. Oh yeah, Takeda Rina is in it but she doesn't kick any ass. Most people will check this out because we like looking at car wrecks but you're better off rereading the manga/anime.


dgundam said...

this movie will still earn tons of money from the anime and manga fans, plus the muira haruma fangirls.
is this supposed to be a trilogy?
so how was his and kikuharas acting?
i was reading the manga before it got popular and for me its overrated to the amount of hype and popularity it has in japan and in the west. its crazy.
thats the bad thing about anime turned live action movies, most dont get the budget they require to pull it off, plus its difficult to translate a well loved series into a 1.5 to 2 hour movie. something gets cut or changed.

so mike have you heard of the manga terraformars? their planning to make a live action movie directed by miike, you should check it out, it has an all star cast. plenty of bad actors/actresses like takei and yamapi in it, while u got oguri shin and his best friend takayuki yamada for the acting. i have a feeling they put in those bad actors to get more viewers and budget.

Akiramike said...

Yeah, unfortunately it seems to be making lots of money. Its like Japan's version of Michael Bay's transformers. I appreciate cuts and changes like Gantz's but when little details get overlooked, its unforgivable.

Yeah, I've heard of Terraformars. Its the roach fighting manga. With Takei and Yamapi I won't even try to watch the movie.

My pace said...

There's so many wtf moment one can handle there ahahahaha, I read your opinion while LOL here.
Even if I don't read this pos, I still won't be watching it. The casts already made me puke for it's nowhere to see skill.

You talked about Gantz there. Have you watched Gantz in dubbing? Since I won't be watching SnK, can I ask you, whether the dubbing in Gantz also makes its much worse. Ugh, I hate dubbing, it makes all scene like comedy. Thank goodness, the 2 main casts acting make me want to watch it in not-dubbing one.

Akiramike said...

My pace, I stay very, very far away from dubbing.