Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ishi no Mayu Eps 1+2

+ The directing on Ishi no Mayu is really good, especially the victim discovery scene in episode 2. WOWOW shows may not have the budget of getsu 9 doramas but they usually have very good direction and so far its been really good.

+ I am so glad this dude is not playing the always angry at the protagonist who is actually good at his/her job while doing nothing useful boss.

- That's because the main actress from Mother Game is playing a newbie in First Investigation Division. Nothing wrong with that, except the way she is written makes her too green. Ishi no Mayu establishes that some veterans can't even pass the exam and she is a police Sergeant so she should have experience.

- Yet her colleagues awkwardly pick on her and somehow trying to draw inferences from clues is strangely forbidden until the group retires to a diner at night. Ishi no Mayu tries to show the main character's smarts with her guessing the reasons for killer Toremi's actions while on the phone but these are questions that the police officers should have been asking themselves onscreen in the first place. Basically what I am saying is that Ishi no Mayu lacks that think along with the protagonist(s) part of serial killer shows.

- I really hate how she's bloody knocking over tins, not really looking around and getting so emotional in episode 2 instead of trying to play mind games with the criminal. I'm pretty sure the police handbook on following your partner does not say stick as close as possible instead of covering angles that your partner can't cover. Maybe she's really smart and is trying to make Toremi think she is too ruled by emotion.

- The only advice Kisaragi gets from her colleagues is keep Toremi talking as long as possible. Where's the bloody expert to teach her the rules when negotiating or how to draw out information?

- I have to ask, how come Kisaragi didn't know about the case that caused her father's death? Its not like he was in the secret service and the file was classified? She could have looked up the records since she's a cop.

+ Despite my complaints, Ishi no Mayu is a rare breed of jdorama cop show in that it tries to be realistic instead of trying to hard to be cool (I'm looking at you Ouroboros). I'm not expecting much but as long as it doesn't pull any Mozu magic hanky panky, I'm happy to be along for the ride. Watchable.


Sonna~ said...

I was wondering if you'd watch this. The first episode really drew me in. I can't wait to see the next one.

junny said...

This is on my watch-list too. And yes, Ouroboros was really average.

Anonymous said...

So is this recommended?

Akiramike said...

If you're looking for a better than average cop show, yes but not on a must watch Gaiji Keisatsu level.