Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mother Game

Reasons to watch:

+ Lots of hot moms. Kinjiya Shihori (Yabe Kenzo) + Adachi Yumi. :)

+ Toyohara Kosuke aka Mr Lan Evo is in it.

Reasons not to watch

- With a name like Mother Game one would expect lots of backstabbing, double crossing and power plays. Unfortunately, its the harem version of a housewife jdorama. Nice and poor single mother goes to expensive pre-school and helps solves the problems of each of the major mother characters.

- Which doesn't sound bad but there's no depth beyond that. If you want a housewife/mother jdorama with character that are more than just their stereotypes, see Saito-san.

- The problems are presented in a boring way only to be solved by a speech by the main character at the end. I don't have a problem with this formula by the way, I love Hitotsu Yane no Shita but I have no empathy for any character at all.


Very bland jdorama despite the talents involved that only caters to its target audience. If you are you might like it, if not go watch Saito-san and avoid the second season.


dgundam said...

yup yup. my FOUR reasons for getting this was kimura, adachi, kanjiya and kyoko.

was your average medoicre drama though.

im glad kimura has been getting lead roles recently. plus shes in that ishi no mayu. hope she gets more lead roles and becomes more popular before hitting 30

Sonna~ said...

I'm glad Adachi Yumi is featuring in more dramas. I loved watching her in Glass Mask. She was absolutely brilliant in some scenes.