Saturday, August 08, 2015

Kamoshirenai Joyuutachi

By the jdorama gods, I haven't laughed this much since...... maybe Dandarin? This dorama special is the most fun I've had watching in a while. Not only does it have three of the best actresses in jdoramas today with Takeuchi Yuko, Maki Yoko and Mizukawa Asami, it also has a very funny script by Bakarhythm, the writer of Suteki na Sentaxi.

All 3 actresses play themselves but the story is what if none of them experienced the turning point that led them to be the actresses they are today? Like in Takeuchi Yuko's case, it was getting scouted at Harajuku and calling the agent back. So Kamoshirenai Joyuutachi is a show where they are playing themselves in an alternate reality.

Maki Yoko and Mizukawa Asami are struggling to get acting jobs and the funniest bit is when the hospital scene which I won't spoil while Takeuchi Yuko is working at a publishing firm.

The script is just freaking funny from beginning until the climax when all three meet up. When a script is good, everything just flows and feels natural. Its funny, gives you enough insight on the characters without explaining too much and keeps the story running at such a brisk pace that the one hour runtime is over way too quickly. English subs are available but its one of those livejournal member things so I just watched with Japanese subtitles.

The climax is just full on awesome. I knew what was coming but it was so fun to watch. It kind of reminded me of Kisaragi. Just a bunch of good actors in a room and lots of things happening.

Must watch and I'm looking forward to more Bakarhythm doramas. This dude knows how to write.

Absolutely must watch jdorama special.


dgundam said...

quick question, misukaza asami a good actress? what drama can i watch in which shes the main lead thats good? ive only watched Yume wo Kanaeru Zo with furata and ghost writer with nakatani and iryu in which she was ok. any other show out there i should try ? othros no inu has bad, god hand teru was meh, that dog adoption show was more of nishikia ryos show, sharehouse no koibito was too weird of a premise and the ending was just meh, tokyo scarlet was just the usual japanese procedural, gou she wasnt a main.
been wanting to watch this but i hate having to join those livejournal groups.

Jung said...

I didn't know Bakarhythm is a writer... I recall seeing his face here and there. I enjoyed Hana no Zubora Meshi. That was a quirky show with quirky OST.

dgundam, that's an interesting question. The only role that came to my mind was Nodame, but that show is 10 years old. Good grief.

I think Mizukawa Asami is a solid actress with strong presence, but her audience appeal is narrower than others because she suffers from Bitchy Face Syndrome, and worse, a combination of nasally+shrilly that is prone to premature cracking. Compared to her, Takeouchi's voice flows like double cream.

Most doramas scripts in fail to exploit actress' full range. I think we haven't seen her full range yet. Somebody at wowow should take a chance on her, because she has done '0'. But Wowow basically only does Man shows.

With that said, of all 3 actress in Kamoshirenai, I think Mizukawa carried the show the most.

Akiramike said...

dgundam: My favourite Mizakawa Asami role is of course from Iryu. Her best role was probably in Tsumi to Batsu. She's been in a lot of bad shows I never felt that they were bad because of her.

Jung: Bakarythm's Suteki na Sen Taxi is pretty fun if you haven't seen it. She's not in Takeuchi's class (not many are) but she's just waiting for the right script.

Antspace said...

I agree on Mizukawa being a decent actor most of the time, and hardly ever standing out. I liked her in Saiyuki though. She was heeps of fun as Rin Rin. That movie was written by Sakamoto Yuji btw.