Saturday, August 22, 2015

More thoughts on Zainin No Uso

1) Forgot to mention lawyers actually object to leading questions during cross examination in Zainin no Uso. The use of leading questions in many legal jdoramas has always perplexed me but I attributed it to Japan being a civil law country. Looks like its more a case a lot of lawyer shows being written by idiots.

2) I love it when Hideaki says, "Not guilty and innocent are two different things." when he is praised by his boss after saving the serial rapist.

3) When Hideaki runs into trouble with the allergy case, he tells his client, " Facts are facts (and cannot be changed). You can't be found innocent but you can be found not guilty. To do that you need to throw away your conventional wisdom, morals and what your parents taught you. (Not too sure about the last one. It sounded like 両親のsomething. Sigh. My kingdom for Japanese subs.)

Edit: Just found out its actually 良心の呵責 which means pangs of conscience. Goddamn Japanese and all the words that are pronounced exactly the same.

One could read that as Hideaki's rule to winning but the interesting thing is that what Hideaki's character was taught as kid is devoid of conventional wisdom and morals.

4) Just noticed that Yasui Bengoshi being the original lawyer for the serial rapist was already mentioned in episode 1 so its that being of a spoiler.

5) My initial reaction when I finished Zainin no Uso was pretty good and the more I thought about it, the better it got and rewatching it has made like it even more.

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