Monday, August 31, 2015

100 Yen Love /Hyaku En no Koi

Ando Sakura is IMO, on of the few top tier actresses in Japan along with Mitsushima Hikari and they're both in one of my favourite movies ever Love Exposure. She stars in 100 Yen Love as Ichiko, a complete bum living of her parents who is kicked out and starts working at a 100 yen shop where she finds love and boxing.

100 yen love is a simple slacker tries to find some meaning in life boxing movie and Ando Sakura really carries the movie with her acting. She is so convincing as a NEET and a boxer. (cough, Mitsushima Hikari in Oyaji no Senaka). Ando Sakura really looks like she knows how to box and I love how 'ugly' the fight at the end is.

I love how motivations are not explained but rather its left up to the audience to infer from Ando's acting. While 100 Yen Love is a good move its just hovering below must watch for me. I think the directing is just not up to that level though the fight is pretty good.

In summary, a pretty good boxing movie about finding one's way in life where Ando Sakura shows that she is able to elevate decent scripts to great levels.


Cyberwave said...

Ando Sakura's another recent movie 0.5mm is also of high quality, which made her grab lots of recognition & awards. It's been a long time that Mitsushima hadn't been involved in works with really outstanding plots. Hope she will return to big screens & shine again, instead of staying in medicore dramas.

Akiramike said...

Cyberwave, I actually feel asleep watching 0.5mm. I can understand what it was doing but the pacing was so slow.

Cyberwave said...

To Akiramike,

A 200 min movie is really a challenge to most viewers. Since the topic about elderly in Japan interests me I am ok with it. IMO this movie is easier to watch and digest than the director's previous work "Kakera".