Thursday, August 13, 2015

Psycho Pass the Movie

Kougami Shinya is back is Psycho Pass is back to doing Ghost in the Shell better than Arise! If I could completely erase the stupid second season from memory. I've said this before; sci-fi/zombies/genre stuff work best when exploring ideas and become allegories to stuff in the real world and the Psycho Pass movie looks like the Sybil System being used in a South East Asian country.

Some of the themes I really enjoyed in the movie were:

- A powerful country arming a warring one to spread its influence,

- Segregation of people based on their Psycho-Pass thereby creating second class citizens living in fear. Would you become a second class citizen with the promise of safety?

 - How would Sybil work in a country where lawlessness is the norm?

- Can Sybil judge those that control it?

My only complaints are the horrible English and the fighting scenes missing many animation frames. This isn't a harem anime so I can understand not having the budget. Oh yeah, and no way was Kougami in any shape to fight at the end. Did I miss the part where he is revealed to be a super human?

Fun movie for me and it washes the bad taste of season 2. Looks like this is goodbye to Kougami. The question is, where does the franchise go from here? What other ideas are there to explore. As long as Urobuchi Gen is involved, I can't wait. Entertaining for fans of the series.

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