Monday, February 02, 2015

Ghost Writer Eps 1-3

Ghost Writer as the name suggests is about an innocent aspiring writer Kawahara played by Mizukawa Asami (Nurse Miki from Iryu) who becomes the ghost writer of famous novelist Tono Risa (Nakatani Miki). Tono Risa is having problems with writer's block while Kawahara just wants to give her dream of being a novelist one more try.

Episode 1 was pretty dry. Just a character set up showing Tono Risa's mommy issues and her relationship with her publisher and how Mizukawa came to be her assistant. Episode two got more interesting when we can see Tono Risa trying to manipulate Kawahara in regards to her engagement.

Ghost Writer is most interesting when its got people manipulation. Every character in this series has their own agendas and will will use people to get what they want, hopefully including the trusting Mizukawa.

Episode 3 really got things going with the publisher playing both sides and the story seeming to move pretty fast. While I like the actors, one thing I don't like is the directing and look of the show. I feel Ghost Writer needs a more realistic movie look rather than a generic jdorama sitcom look. Less dolly in studio and more handheld camera in real location with natural lighting.

An example would be Woman. Realistic, raw, gritty and fly on the wall type directing. Ghost Writer is a pure acting dorama and the director needs to be able to convey the tension when characters face each other and lie through their teeth. The talent is there but the presentation is just flat. I can't help feeling that in the hands of a better (movie) director, Ghost Writer could have been even better.

I find Ghost Writer so far to be interesting and good be good but the directing means that it won't be must watch. Watchable show and I can't wait to see what Kawahara does in episode 4. :)


Looks meh. Ayano Gou has more facial expressions than I've ever seen. Mano Erina has a supporting role in this so I have no choice but to watch when it comes out on the interwebs.


Antspace said...

Really enjoying Ghost Writer till now. Nakatani Miki is really rocking it again as the has been writer. I'm afraid this will collapse though. The direction isn't very strong, and I think there are some pretty boring clichés coming our way here: Burned out writer vs. upcoming writer abused, problem son causing trouble, angry husband out for revenge, over the top evil editor... yawn much. Hope it'll take a different direction.

I do have another tip though: dare I say it? yes. Marumaru Tsuma has turned out to be very interesting. After a boring first Kaseifu no Mita type episode, it got darker and really interesting. Shibasaki Kou is great in it. All the female actors are doing well in this, but Kuroki Hitomi shows a whole different side of herself. I love her as the cynical nympho mother.
The Johnny is alright in this, and Shirota Yu just can't act at all. I decided to ignore him : P
Hiraizumi Sei is his grumpy old self, but shines in ep 4. Oh yeah, Renbutsu Misako shows her acting chops as well. So it became interesting : ) Oh! great track by Shiina Ringo as well!
Since it's the same team as Kaseifu no Mita, it might just all collapse as well, but really enjoying it for now.

Akiramike said...

I can't believe you are recommending a Shibasaki Kou dorama! I shall give it a shot and keep my expectations low.

Antspace said...

Heh! Sorry about that. I've gotten into this show somehow, and I like the mangaish effects and how it's hard to figure out where it will go.

Akiramike said...

I meant that as a joke cause I have a thing against her acting. Please recommend any shows you like.