Monday, February 16, 2015

Maru Maru Tsuma Eps 1-5

From the writer that brought us the super lame dialogue filled Kaseifu no Mita comes another jdorama about the perfect housekeeper. Kubota Masazumi is a newscaster which means he is someone who does more than read out the news and he has a contracted housekeeper played by Shibasaki Kou who does everything perfectly for him.


- The concept of the story is interesting with two people with problems in an unusual and symbiotic relationship.

- I loath to say it but Shibasaki Kou does a pretty good job. She pulls off the fake smile well. Hhmm. Maybe its more she's right for this role. I like her monologue at the end of episode 5. I guess her roles should be limited to disturbed characters like her role in One Million Stars.

- Kuroki Hitomi is hilarious as Shibasaki Kou's mom.

- Renbutsu Misako!!! (Once again playing a thankless supporting role but supporting role Renbutsu Misako is better than no Renbutsu Misako.


- The writer Yukawa Kazuhiko (GTO, Oyaji etc) chose the wrong job for the husband Masazumi and/or the portrayal of it. The husband character serves two purpose. He is one half of the flawed couple making each other's lives work and he is the shining light for Shibasaki Kou's character.

However, as a newscaster, all he see him do is anything but read the news. The writer tries to sell that Masazumi is greatly respected by his colleagues and an inspiration for Renbutso Misako but Masazumi's only concern is spouting empty words and the dorama treats it like its a great thing. Its not like he is the one doing the investigative reporting. Take for example the abused children speech. Am I supposed to feel moved with that phony speech? When Masazumi is at his best, he is supposed to be this shining light but he comes across as self serving spouting his kireigoto nonsense.

- All the episodes run for 51 minutes which is 5 minutes more than usual and that's way too long in terms of pacing.


The only reason to watch is Shibasaki Kou's character. Besides that, I basically forwarded half the four episodes. If you enjoyed Kaseifu no Mita, Maru Maru Tsuma is the show for you. For me, its got an interesting story but execution is all over the place. Give the script to Sakamoto Yuji and it would be a much better show.  Frustratingly interesting in places.


Sonna~ said...

>Frustratingly interesting in places.

I feel the same way. I like this show, just not as much as the other things that Yukawa-dono wrote. It's very interesting, and I'd like to know what happens. It still has that "pull" that other Yukawa things have, just not as much as some of his other works.

Love Kuroki Hitomi in this role. Haven't seen her act like this before and it's fun. Shibasaki Kou isn't bad either. Shirota Yu's roles always feel like someone just put him there for fun or threw him in, and his role in this is the same to me, there's not really any point.

RetroHelix said...

I dropped the show although I really would like to see more of Kuroki Hitomi, Shibasaki Kou and Renbutsu Misako. It just felt too silly seeing Higashiyama Noriyuki behave like a kid or falling front over (2 times in one episode to make it extra funny...) when approaching his sleeping wife. The scene in the hospital where he was criticizing his father was when I had to turn off the show.

Akiramike said...

Retrohelix: I basically skimmed all the scenes involving his family members.

Anonymous said...

This show has become so boring! Hikari's husband is a jerk! He threatens to cheat on Hikari, he uses her like a housekeeper. Hikari is like a slave there, this is not the perfect wife, this is the perfect slave. This show is a disgrace to all the women. Wow we are in 2015 and still this idea of housewives exists, I'm pissed and won't watch this show.