Friday, February 20, 2015

Gakkou no Kaidan Eps 1-3

Super normal everyday girl goes to prestigious school because her former school closed down and is forced to become the president of the student council. This is all a plan to make her a scapegoat and together with mysterious speechwriter Kamiki Ryunosuke, she will start a revolution against the school and the Platinum 8.

I should have not watched this crap when I saw the cast cause the plot had potential. Alas, the speech part is super cheesy and not smart at all. Gakkou no Kaidan has got all the shoujo manga cliches but does none of them well. I can't believe I gave it 3 episodes hoping to see something clever. The stupid basketball game was the last draw for me.

Kamiki Ryunosuke is so wasted here and they should have cast someone a lot better for the main girl but I don't think any talent can save the boring script. Avoid, unless you are a 9 year old girl and/or like guys with trimmed eyebrows and lots of makeup.

I don't think I can ever rewatch 101 Proposals without the image of her plastic face in my head.

If you want to watch a good high school bullying/power struggle show, watch Fukuda Saki's Life.


Sonna~ said...

>Kamiki Ryunosuke is so wasted here

I completely agree. They could've got any Johnny's to do his job here. He's a great actor.

I was just thinking about LIFE the other day. It's been years since I watched it. I loved the ending.

Rin Nugget said...

Me too I dropped this drama at the 3rd episode and wondered why did I even try to give it 3 episodes. This is like a kid drama with Kamiki's cameo. I hanged on to this because of him but even he can't save the bad plot.