Sunday, February 08, 2015

Doctors Saikyou no Meii Special 2015 and Season 3 Episodes 1+2

The dorama special and season 3 have something in common. In the special, Sagara tricks Moriyama to go to the university hospital where he finds that people there care about their patients even less as he runs into an old friend. While its fun to watch Moriyama try to do good, we've seen this before.

In season 3, Moriyama's aunt and hospital director goes on a around the world one week holiday (as many Japanese can only take one week off at most) and Moriyama becomes the acting director. Sagara aggravates Moriyama even more and Moriyama goes on a power trip before realising that director's chair is not an easy one to sit in. (Despite the fact we never see her do anything in this show)

Someone looks very malnourished.

Sagara's plan is to break Moriyama down, perhaps to build him up again? The thing is, a lot of this is old hat. Sagara's trick of reverse psychology was original in season 1, got old in season 2, and boring in season 3. It stops being clever when the antagonists are too stupid, or rather continue to be stupid.

What I want to see is what Fukuda Yasushi should have done in season 2. Sagara to win but for his victory to backfire and Moriyama being able to solve problems in the end by doing very Moriyama things. Sagara is the boring constant in this show and its the supporting characters who are suppose to keep things interesting but unfortunately they have regressed since season 1.

Will season 3 be the same as season 2 and dilute the greatness of the first season or does Fukuda Yasushi have something up his sleeve? Should you watch season 3? If you liked season 2 a lot more than I did. It might turn out to be smart and I enjoyed the 50 year old grudge story in Episode 2 but the high ratings in season might mean everything turns out according to Sagara's plans again.


Sonna~ said...

I think Higa Manami is trying to disappear. ಠ_ಠ

Akiramike said...

I feel like donating to Japan red cross so they can feed her.

Antspace said...

This turned into a harmless kinda fun show. No depth, no more intelligent plot, but some pretty nice sillyness. Since season 2 I don't care much about the story anymore, but can still enjoy sagara vs the utter idiocy. I still like Sagara and Moriyama and thought the origami thing was pretty funny : )
It is a shame though, that they couldn't keep the high level up : (

Akiramike said...

The origami bit was funny but its just milking the best bits of season 1 and 2 without going anywhere interesting. I'll probably watch it until the end just for Moriyama though.

Bernard Ng said...

Fun show to watch. Bring both tears n laughter at every episode. Just wan to know if Sagara n nurse Miyabe be together. After all they have feeling for each other. Also, will there be a season 4?