Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sambomaster is now Obasan Daite Kudasai!

EDIT: Ooops false alarm. Someone pointed out to me that its a limited time name change. Its just a gimmick thing for the 15th anniversary. They are now 'Sensei! Sokontoko yoroshiku!'

This always happens when I don't read things in Japanese properly. Nothing to see here. Sambomaster is still Sambomaster.

Had a big shock when I went to the sambomaster website and saw that they had changed their name! First of all, happy 15 year anniversary to my absolute favourite band. I've been listening to their music ever since Densha, been to two of their live events and I still don't know their names.

One think I dislike is about the band formerly known as Sambomaster is that their t-shirts suck. I like the new logo. Not sure about the name but all I need is a black shirt with the logo and the list of venues at the back in regular fonts.

Their website says they are going to have two more announcements. One will be a tour. Maybe the third one is that Minmi will join the band. :) I love the two Minmi songs Sekai wo Kaesasete wo Kure yo and Kono yo ga yami dato iwanaidekure. Sambomaster is dead! Long live Obasan Daite Kudasai!

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Sonna~ said...

I think the ending theme for Densha is one of the things that really made that drama. I absolutely loved it.