Friday, January 30, 2015

Dakara Koya Eps 1+2

Dakara Koya starts of with Suzuki Kyoka playing the perfect housewife who is ignored and abused by her husband and two sons. She gets fed up, drives off in her car and starts encountering some interesting people and situations on the way to Nagasaki.

Dakara Koya is a pretty funny solo housewife road trip movie. There are your typical housewifey stuff like the best friend who chose her career being jealous of each other but the thing I enjoyed the most is Suzuki Kyoka meeting all sorts of people and her reactions to them.

This show has potential to be must watch as long as they can keep things interesting and not fall into the same pattern as all housewife run away from home doramas. Good two episodes so far and Suzuki Kyoka can carry a show. Thanks to antspace for recommending Dakara Koya!


The best place to get your mainstream doramas with a good number of seeds as long as they are subbed. No WOWOW shows.

Has some doramas. Change your category to live action to search.

Direct download links reencoded to 480p. This is where I get Daraka Koya. I like the smaller encodes cause I'm too lazy to download huge files split into multiple parts. You can even find the not famous jdoramas like Hamon.

Direct download links. Gonna take a while to download unless you pay for premium.


Private tracker.  Good for getting older stuff with seeds.

Its got everything!


Anonymous said...

Rootabega sez:

Thank you for reviewing Dakara Koya, Mike-san. This is one of my most anticipated doramas this season, and I am even more excited about it now. Also, thanks for the list of dorama sources - very helpful.

Anonymous said...

you might want to check this indonesian jdo sub forum

it has everything too but you need to register =.=

Bobo said...

Very happy arakira decided to pick up Dakara Koya.

I'll recommend for direct download of HQ jdramas. The site seems to get taken down every few months, but it always seems to pop back up again. Has most, if not all, currently airing dramas (including WOWOW). Tip: use 1fichier or hugefiles for fast free downloads. has dramas/variety that I've never heard about on the English sites. Also direct download.

Anonymous said...

Please remove tracker name, your getting us in trouble!!

Akiramike said...

Thanks for the links anon and Bobo!

Anon: Which tracker name?