Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Psycho Pass 2

If you enjoyed the first season of Psycho Pass I suggest you avoid season 2. The following are reasons I didn't like season 2 of Psycho Pass:

1) Starts off pretty much a rehash of the first seasons with a villain with slight variation in power from Makishima from season 1 once again setting up an elaborate plan against Sybil.

2) The first season felt like an interesting exploration of ideas from the premise of Sybil while the second season felt like the writer who was not Urobuchi Gen trying to fit a square peg in a round hole with the omnipotence paradox.

3) It seems way too easy to raise someone crime coefficient all the way up in season 2. I thought it had more to do with people propensity to commit crime than just being stressed out and running away.

4) I can buy the premise of the series but not the source of the villain's powers or rather his multiple personalities. The writer should have done a lot more to sell me that stuff.

5) No real character arcs in season 2 except for Mika who no one cares about.

5) A huh? open ended finish that made me indifferent.

The best thing to do is pretend that season 2 never happened and hopefully the movie which just opened in Japan is written by Urobuchi Gen gets the series back on track.

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