Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jmovie review: Sweet Poolside

Sweet Poolside is a high school movie about body hair. Toshihiko Ota is a high school boy who doesn't have any body hair and is called Tsuruhiko (tsuru meaning smooth) by members of the swimming club.

Goto on the other hand has problems shaving herself and needs help. The premise of the show is Goto asking Ota to help shave her.

Based on the short story manga, there are things in the movie that I feel were unnecessarily added such as Ota getting creepy with hair and there were things that should have been expanded such as Goto infatuation with her sempai or in the case of the movie, the swimming club adviser.

There are things in the manga that were not shown in the movie such as bush hair sticking out and instead the director used symbolic scenes in the forest which I found unnecessary and not funny. The actor playing Ota selling it with his face would have been sufficient.

If the director did a straight adaptation of the manga, the movie would have been an hour at most but the things that were added were artsy and dark when I feel that it should have been a funnier rom-comish show. I like the small role that Matsuda Shota and Tanimura Mitsuki played though.

Overall, Sweet Poolside its an ok movie with a funny premise that is not as fun as the 6 chapter manga. Of course, if you like hairy girls and shaving, this is the movie for you. :)

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