Monday, December 08, 2014

Suteki na Sen Taxi Eps 1-6

Looks like I've found my favourite show for the Fall season! Suteki na Sen Taxi, which is a play on the word 'sentakushi' which means choice is basically an episodic 'Back to the Future' where every episode, a character  goes back a few hours in time and is allowed to redo his/her choices that day to unpredictable results.


- Konishi Manami's ahiru guchi. :) Moe~~~~~~~~~~

- The writing is very clever and and I highly recommend Episode 3 about the affair, Episode 5 about the konkatsu and Episode 6 about the mangaka with the resolution tying in to the previous episode. Actually the konkotasu episode is probably my favourite because you don't really see time travelling stories for something as trivial and the doctor's personality really shows. Hhhmm, I can't stop staring at her ears.....

- Takenouchi Yutaka's taxi driver being so wishy washy. 

- The running jokes such as the conversations at the cafe and taxi driver always trying to think of ways to produce a time slip event.

- Did I mention its a pretty clever and funny show? Great job so far by the writer Bakarythm who plays the cafe owner in the show. I have always said, I will accept any high concept as long as it leads to interesting stories and explores interesting situations. There's no need to answer where the taxi comes from because the stories are fun.


- The main character in episode one should have asked the taxi driver to get him to an ATM so he had enough money to go back to the beginning. I would have much preferred it not be a happy ending.

- Watching Mano Erina playing a hitozuma. She is so sweet that it hurts to watch.


An above average show which flirts with being a must watch show because of the clever and funny writing. The English subs here were not timed to jdramacity's raws but so I watched most of it raw cause I was too lazy to retime but I think they are all timed to the raws at Nyaa. Thanks to bframe for recommending me this show cause I might have given it a miss. Recommended show. If the quality continues, I might have to award it a must watch.

Can't stop taking screencaps of Mano-chan!


Jung said...

Ooh... haven't watched single dorama in months. This one sounds intriguing. Thats mano? Didn't even recognize her. Looks like a 14 year old!

dgundam said...

thanks for recommending this drama mike, im definately enjoying it. i downloaded the first episode but didnt know where to get the subs so i never touched it again until now. thnx for it. whos subbing this by the way?
manami konishi's eyes is so entrancing, love her <3 too bad shes not a lead actress anymore :(
about the timing, just download subtitle workshop and add a time delay of 15 seconds to the rest of the sub at the point where u see the episode number. works fine with that.

Anonymous said...

Why does Konishi Manami always wear lipstick that makes her look like a corpse? She goes for these really mauve/dark purple lipsticks and it's so damn distracting. I'm a fan of hers, but it really creeps me out.

4545 said...

Very watchable drama. Episodes 5 and especially 7 are the good ones so far.

I notice that the more connections an episode makes, the better the outcome. The same could be said for humor, which seemed to lack in some episodes (especially the earlier ones).

But episode 7 and the preview for 8 says that the quality will probably continue to move in an upward manner. Thanks for this recommendation, Mike!

PS: That Kanna girl who works at the cafe looks super exactly like Kichise Michiko, doesn't she.

dgundam said...

@4545 thats what i noticed too. the later episodes are a lot better. and lol i actually thought that the kanna girl was a daughter or someone related to kichise michiko. ive never seen her in any drama before.
also the guest stars in this show are pretty good actors/actresses.
im glad kanjiya shiori, manami konishi, and chiaki kuriyama have jobs lol. too bad not leads though

Akiramike said...

I was just about to say that Kanna doesn't look as like Kichise Michiko as much as the main girl from Tokyo Tribe and then I realised they were the same person!

Anonymous said...

I love this show.

It's all about Takenouchi. He always plays some stiff leading man, cop, womanizer or businessman.
Usually totally boring.

He's great as this oddball, eccentric cabby. I can't get enough of this. I see the ratings have been decent and I'm just hoping for a Season 2.

BTW, Kanjia as a biker girl is hysterical given her sweet prim jdorama image. Loved that episode.

Murai82 said...

Yay for the Kanjiya Shiyori episode, she's so damn funny in that motoyanki's role.
She's sure one underrated comic actress.
I loved the affair episode too. My favourite show this season, although I do like Gomen ne Seishun a lot too.