Saturday, December 06, 2014

JFF 2014: Tokyo Tribe

Tokyo Tribe is the worst Sono Sion movie I have ever seen. Its a hip-hop musical about warring gangs in Tokyo with some of the worst pacing and editing writing decisions ever. Sono Sion spends so much time introducing all the tribes in the beginning but most of them don't matter until halfway through the movie. Even then, a lot of info was unnecessary because their backgrounds had no bearing on the story.

On the flip side, it took a long while for the story to point out who were the main characters but even then, the story did not give the audience a reason to care about the characters. I felt like I was watching Miike Takashi doing whatever the wanted without care for story or the source material in Ryu ga Gotoku.

I've not read the manga but there is a narrative for the two main characters in the movie that is pushed to the side and not done any justice. It feels like Sono Sion adapted the manga to do a hip-hop Crows Zero and to say something about war but there was nothing in the story or the characters that interested him. Even if you are a die hard Sono Sion fan, stay away from this.

The best thing I can say about Tokyo Tribe is that we have a virgin girl, who the bad guy wants to sacrifice not minding getting raped cause that would disqualify her from being killed but even that story has no impact on the movie.


Brittany said...

I wish I had listened to your words of wisdom. This movie was garbage just like you said.

Akiramike said...

Brittany - Make sure to stay away from the Minna, Esper Dayo! movie as well.